Who was the Captain


The legendary Crunch...


Mild Mannered Lab Technician by Day...


Grandfather of Destruction Everywhere by Night!!!!!

By now you must be curious as to who the Good "Captain Crunch" was. Well he was the one who DESTROYED your bridge, with a smile on his face. After 25 years, he will pass the torch to Super Mario, the Master of Mayhem. The bridge buster may change in 2013, but the same merciless attitude will remain.

During the Captain's supremacy, the following interview was conducted. It gives you an insight to the man that showed no mercy to any bridge builder that dared cross his path...

Here is his response...

Being the Captain is not such an easy task. For example, would you like to be the captain.....of a sinking ship? The Captain always goes down (or should) with his sinking ship. One of the first questions people ask me is, how did you become the Captain? I always answer the same way. Its not just the Captain, its the Good Captain and I'm still the Captain because my ship hasn't sunk yet.

For the past 24 years I've had to answer questions about my Captaincy. If it's not some radio personality asking then it's the T.V. guy or worse yet, a student. The questions from the students are my favorites to answer (usually with one word) because I just love watching that look of shock or disbelief on their cute little faces. The sooner I answer their questions the sooner I can attend my now very popular Buffet speed grazing class (I'm the teacher). Being able to cripple an all you can eat buffet is far more exciting and much more skillful than breaking those puny stick bridges. And besides, it gives me a well rounded look that keeps me fit and able.

After 24 years of crunching and smashing these stick bridges I'm considering turning my talents to a different sport: maybe I'll learn to wrestle......maybe I'll join the rodeo! I just don't know. I've been called many things over the years: Deacon of Destruction, The Governor of Grief, Ruler of Ruin, Prince of Pop and so on....but regardless of what they call me I'm still and always will be " The Good Captain" . Come one, come all. I need more kindling for this winter.

The Good Captain also was kind enough to give us some photos from his photo album.

YouAreNext JustCrunchin
20thCake 20thCandleBlow

For some reason he loves this next picture....Crunch's Dream ..click for bigger view. Or click here for details about this bridge collapse.