Hall of Fame: 1998

Over 135 entries registered this year although only a measly 106 bridges showed up. "You guys are out of your trees!", screamed Crunch at the news of 106 bridges to face him. "I demand a free pass to the all-you-can-eat buffet at that Chinese place as compensation!"

Oh how the contest had grown again. This was the 2nd year for "TechnoChallenge", an event that saw several other technology departments stage similar competitions. Hundreds of students participated at the secondary and post-secondary school level. Four other Ontario colleges participated along with the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and, from the far side of the world, the University of Western Sydney, Nepean, Australia. Also as a first time participant, the Carpenter Apprentices from Mohawk's Stoney Creek campus joined in the fray. Oh the good Captain would be sorry for that as Ray Ybema came forward with an immaculately built bridge to steal first place away from the Fennell campus for the first time ever.

Bridge Image 1998
Winners Name Ray Ybema, Carpentry
Bridge Weight 0.396 lbs. (179.5 g)
Load at Failure 1642.4 lbs. (7306 N)
Performance Rating: 4147.6 lb./lb. (40701 N/kg.)

What a finish! Ray was second last to be broken out of the 108 bridges entered. And once again, Shawn Winters, who had held first place for most of the contest slipped into 2nd place in the late going. Meanwhile, the streak had ended. The performance and load records from last year had not been beaten. "Let's eat", quipped the good Captain.

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