Hall of Fame: 1996

Who's that fella over there with the red and green suspenders? Why it's none other than Red Green himself. Red had heard about all the commotion happening every year at Mohawk. Something to do with Popsicle sticks and glue he thought. So there was the good Captain and his lodge buddy Red, yuckin' it up before the contest as 58 bridges awaited their inevitable doom. And smash them they did as the Prince of Pandemonium continued his unblemished record. Is there no stopping the Maniacal Master of Mayhem?

To add to the fun this year, the contest was opened to all Ontario Colleges. Six entered but only three were able to make it. Congrats to Loyalist, Seneca, and Cambrian Colleges. Little did they know that this would begin a tradition of friendly rivalry and learning amongst us.

In the end, Rob Maxwell, last years second place finisher took his place on the winner's podium.

Bridge Image 1996
Winners Name Rob Maxwell, 3CV15
Bridge Weight 0.468 lbs. (212 g)
Load at Failure 2160 lbs. (9609 N)
Performance Rating: 4611 lb./lb. (45,281 N/kg.)

Rob's piece of structural genius, created in about 35 hours, convincingly blew away the old records for both Performance and Load. Second place went to Rob's classmate Chris Mayne with a Performance of 4259 lbs./lb. Randall Van Rooyen, who tasted 1st place victory in 1995, took 3rd place with a 4057 performance.

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