Hall of Fame: 1994

"Popsicle VII : Crunch Conquers Again" read the headlines on the March 29, 1994 Satellite newspaper. He did it again and the students did it again! Crunch remained undefeated and Laurens Campbell, a third year Transportation Technologic student, set a new Performance Rating record with an ultra light piece of structural perfection. So remarkable was the effort in 1994 that in fact the nine top finishers all set new Performance records. To add to the unbelievable achievemnts, 2nd place finisher Garnet Gates of second year Civil technology set a new load record of 1699.7 lbs. The Governor of Grief was beside himself as no bridge had ever taken his busting machine to this limit. "Would it hold?", was the question everyone was asking as the seconds passed like hours. In the end the answer was yes and the bridge exploded into several pieces flying in all directions. As the good Captain sponged the sweat from his body, the scoreboard flashed the amazing new record:

Bridge Image 1994
Winners Name Laurens Campbell, 3TR15
Bridge Weight 0.305 lbs. (138 g)
Load at Failure 1199 lbs. (5333 N)
Performance Rating: 3930 lb./lb. (38,592 N/kg.)

Team Popsicle clearly had some thinking to do……not an easy task for this group! The good Captain's bridge buster was designed to carry a load of about 2000 lbs. This was a mark we thought would be impossible for the students to achieve. With the 2nd place bridge failing at 1699 lbs., and all the past history showing a steady improvement in the results, it was time to "run away!" Instead we designed a new testing machine which would be unveiled next year.

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