Hall of Fame: 1993

"Will these folks ever quit!?", ranted the Ruler of Ruin. The good Captain was referring to the records, which were shattered again in this yearís version of Popsicle mayhem. The 1993 contest saw the top three finishers shatter the old Performance Rating records, while the 2nd place winner easily surpassed the old record for load carried. Also noteworthy was the fact that for the first time in the 6-year history of the contest, the winner was from a program other than Civil Engineering Technology. In fact, the winner was Clinton Dagg of third year Architectural Technology. "Close enough to Civil!", claimed Peter Olynyk, Structural Professor, as he refunded his airplane tickets to Peru. Clinton had entered the contest a year earlier, and like others before him, learned from his shortcomings and came back to win it all. The media was there, industry was there and 81 teams of the 100+ who entered came to face the Deacon of Destruction. Nevertheless, when it was over, as usual, the good Captain was victorious and his unblemished record remained in tact.

Although Clintonís ultra-light bridge won it all, it was only by a "butterfly sneeze" margin as Richard Roung, a 2nd year Civil student missed dethroning Clinton by only ounces. Richardís bridge set a new load record at an incredible 1327 lbs. carried, resulting in a Performance Rating of 2511 times its own weight. Richard would be back.

Bridge Image 1993
Winners Name Clinton Dagg, 3AR26
Bridge Weight 0.292 lbs. (132 g)
Load at Failure 736 lbs. (3273 N)
Performance Rating: 2524 lb./lb. (24,779 N/kg.)

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