Hall of Fame: 1992

In its 5th year, the annual Mohawk College Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition continues to grow…….much to the amazement of the organizer’s! Over 100 entries this year, although only 61 of the fearful competitors has enough intestinal fortitude to show up and face the Gargantuan Governor of Grief. It’s become such a rowdy affair that the keepers of the Fennell Theater suggest we find another venue for our little escapade. They recommend the wrecking yard at Hwy. 20 & 53. We move to the Fennell Gymnasium. The Mohawk College gym staff, the Theatre staff, physical plant and property services help us put together a technology wonderland. It was the best competition to date.

On March 25, 1992 the Good Captain put his reputation, and his waistline, on the line again as he welcomed any and all challengers to come forth with their itsy-bitsy stick things to face his unbeatable team. He knew not what he was in for. After several hours of making kindling, the Maestro of Mayhem came up against the 2nd year Civil team of Jeff Belanco and Darryl Lawrence. They had created a new kind of structure; one which took advantage of the testing jig as a form of side support. Ah the evolution of learning! The judges looked…….and queried……..and after several moments of scratching their heads, determined the bridge was legal! The good Captain grimaced and groaned, but try as he may, he wasn’t able to smash to bridge. With sweat pouring down his brow, the Captain turned to the Wizard who at the very same moment, leapt to his feet and declared failure based on the deflection rule. The good Captain and indeed all of Team Popsicle breathed a sigh of relief. Meanwhile, Belanco and Lawrence walked off with First Prize; a year’s tuition fee sponsored by Steltech.

Bridge Image 1992
Winners Name J. Belanco, D. Lawrence, 2CV14
Bridge Weight 0.399 lbs. (181 g)
Load at Failure 929 lbs. (4131 N)
Performance Rating: 2325 lb./lb. (22,835 N/kg.)

Jeff and Darryl’s bridge set a new Performance Rating record at 2325 times its own weight. Interestingly enough the 2nd place finisher, Jeff Belchoir of 3CV15 set a new load record carrying 1176 lbs. Because his bridge weighed more however, Jeff took 2nd place with a Performance Rating of 2148 bs./lb. Oh the agony of defeat at the cost of a few ounces!

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