Hall of Fame: 1991

March 13, 1991….63 nervous teams and hundreds of spectators awaited the Ruler of Ruin and certain destruction of the carefully crafted bridges. The announcement was made and in marched the fabulous Captain Crunch and his entourage of bodyguards and escorts. Feeble attempts to harm the good Captain were easily tossed aside by his guards and within minutes the slaughter began.

The carnage was unbelievable and when it was over, all that remained were smoking piles of sticks, sawdust and tears.

The winner of the 1991 challenge was Bill Graat, a third year civil student. Bill’s bridge shattered all the old records for load and performance.

Bridge Image 1991
Winners Name Bill Graat, 3CV15
Bridge Weight 0.552 lbs. (249.9g)
Load at Failure 1088.6 lbs. (4842.2 N)
Performance Rating: 1973.4 lb./lb. (19,378 N/kg.)

Bill’s bridge was unbelievable! It shattered the 1000 lb barrier using only popsicle sticks, Lepage’s white glue and a little bit of knowledge on how structures go together. The best part was that Bill ranked #2 last year. He vowed he’d be back to win, and he did. I believe we call that "learning".

Bob Govier in 2nd year Architectural took 2nd place with a Performance Rating of 1894 lbs./lb.

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