Hall of Fame: 1990

Itís Friday, March 2, 1990, 53 teams and hundreds of spectators are packed into C123/125 for the 3rd Annual Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition. The contestís popularity has spread like wildfire throughout the College as entries come in from departments other than technology.

New sponsors have joined us bringing even more to offer to the champions. Captain Crunch, the Ruthless Deacon of Destruction is as fit as a race horse and chomping at the bit to smash these new threats to his unblemished record of 69-0-0.

The first bridge breaks, the crowd roars its approval. You would swear you were in early Rome watching the gladiators go at it! Within 1-Ĺ hours itís all over! All that remains is a smoking pile of kindling wood and a jubilant, smiling and undefeated Captain Crunch.

This yearís Top Truss goes to:
Bridge Image 1990
Winners Name Darnell Lambert, 3CV15
Bridge Weight 0.496 lbs. (224 g)
Load at Failure 863 lbs. (3837 N)
Performance Rating: 1738 lb./lb. (17,069 N/kg.)

Darnell beats last yearís winning Performance Rating but falls short of the all time mark. He did however set a new record for most load carried beating the 1988 mark of 826 lbs.

Bill Graat in 2nd year Civil narrowly misses 1st place with a Performance Rating of 1658 lbs./lb. Bill says heíll be back next year with a vengeance.

The competition had grown beyond our wildest expectations. Having created total chaos in the halls outside C-123/125 last year, we realized it was time to change venues. Much to the chagrin of the theater staff, the Popsicle Stick brawl moved to the Fennell Campus TheaterÖ..seating capacity 1100 people.

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