Hall of Fame: 1989

With the overflow crowd last year we thought we should move to a bigger facility. The lecture theaters C-123/125 were chosen and despite the pains of moving equipment and setting up the room,

Popsicle II was another huge success. Over 250 people attended as the crowd spilled into the hallways. Word was out on the fun that was had by all last year. With a little effort, about a dozen sponsors came on board offering an assortment of prizes to the competitors.

Forty six bridges were entered, doubling last year’s participation.

And the winner was…..
Bridge Image 1989
Winners Name Leroy Martin, 2CV14
Bridge Weight 0.427 lbs. (194 g)
Load at Failure 651 lbs. (2894 N)
Performance Rating: 1522 lb./lb. (14932 N/kg.)

Although Leroy did not beat the previous year’s record, it was an admirable showing. It did in fact beat an entry from Dofasco which came a distant second with a Performance Rating of 1382 lbs./lb.

Leroy’s classmates in 2nd year Civil technology took the next 4 top spots, soundly whumping the nearest 3rd year Civil student in 14th spot.

Click the link for the entire results of 1989.